Step 1: After launching Video X Converter, select “Video” on the main screen into Video Mode:

video x converter ui

Add: Click to add your desired MPG files from your local hard disc.

Delete: Click to delete the unneeded MPG files from the converted list.

Note: In the playlist screen, you can find the detailed info of the source files such as name, format, media time and status.

Step 2: Select output format.

select avi as output format in video x converter

Mini-display Window: Playback or stop playing the files in the converting list.

Output Format: Select "AVI-MPEG4" .

Setting: Make some video output settings as you like.

Step 3: Select Output path. The default output path is C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Videos.

Browse: Click to specify the target location.

Location: Click to access the target location directly.

Step 4: Click “Start” to start converting process

mpg to avi conversion progress in video x converter

After conversion finished, below box will pop up:

mpg to avi conversion finished

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